Friday, March 21, 2014

Blooming Flower Cushion and Crochet Floor Rug

 Today I would love to show you my finished "Blooming Flower" cushion which is one of the popular projects from Attic 24 blog .  This has been one of my "on the go" projects for a while, usually there are about half a dozen things "on the go" so to get one finished is Awesome!!


I also have a few floor mats "on the go" too.  They are my latest obsession .  My first one I made using old t-shirts but found that I needed about 7 t-shirts for one mat.  And as the family was getting a little nervous about their t-shirts going missing I had to find an alternative.
Luckily I have a huge fabric stash and was recently given a lot ,of which I would never be able to sew up into anything wearable, so guilt free fabric cutting began.

Firstly I was just using the stretch fabric as it formed into yarn really nicely, but after a bit of experimenting I found I could really use any sort of fabric (the softer the better though). 

  So this cream and black one is made out of stretch, and used up around 3 metres of fabric.


 Traditionally the rag rugs were made using cottons so I thought I would see how it worked up .  So far so good, nice and thick and surprisingly quite soft.

Let my new obsession have no limits.................

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