Friday, November 27, 2009


It's Today...It's Today!!!! MY ONE YEAR ETSY-VERSARY - don't forget to check out my store to take advantage of my One Day Only -

I have found myself in two lovely treasuries this morning

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's my ETSY-VERSARY tomorrow - thats' right I have been selling for One Whole Year . I have no regrets and have made lots of etsy and blogging friends along the way - I think I have done Ok for my first year, there is still so much to learn but mostly you just have to keep promoting, promoting, promoting!!!!! I would much rather be creating :0)
Anyway to celebrate I would like to offer all my wonderful customers a special deal. From now until Midnight 27th November you can
Just enter ETSY-VERSARY in the notes to seller when you checkout and I will issue you a refund.

Thankyou everyone for your support and I hope to have another wonderful etsy year .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Del's Heart

I just had to show off these adorable Heart Earrings that I requested Jess from Epheriell to custom make me. She thought that the design was so cool she decided to add them to her store, and she has named them
Del's Heart - thanks Jess :0)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cruise time.....

Our town has seen quite a few Cruise Ships come into Port over the last month - And my girls and I never tire of going up to the hill and watching the boats leave . It is such an awesome sight as they pass through the channel and the top of the boat is higher than the hill either side. We wave them off on their journey and the ship gives a big toot as it leaves. This one below was in town yesterday.
Just gone through the channel out into the big wide sea
Looking down onto our town from the lookout on our hill
Our wonderful harbour and the gigantic cruise ship

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Place & Yours - My collection

This week I am participating in the My Place & Yours from Meet Me at Mikes Blog.. Find all the details about it HERE... This weeks theme chosen by Kate @ Fox's Lane was -
My Collection..
Well for those of you that already follow my blog you would know that it just had to be Teapots!!! So I am going to show you some of my collection, but if you haven't been following then just search up teapots on my blog and you will see some more of the collection so far.

There are 77 people blogging about their collections this week !! Hopefully I get a chance to visit them all. So far I have seen collections of Red, Cases, Books, Chenille, Old Games...just to name a few.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hard Case Part 2 - Upcycling!! See what I have done

Well , I have had a successful day in finishing off a few things - so first of all here is the Old Case that I have been giving a makeover. It is so much cooler now! I have just given it a coat of gold on the inside which is still drying so I couldn't get too many more pics.

I also finished off sanding my backlog of bangles and rings - I might list them after my next market - but if you see something there you like let me know and I can list it in store for you.
And while I was waiting for my last lot of resin to be delivered which was on back order , I had some spare time...... So I made up a dolly pattern and created these little raggy dolls to go to market with me. Their cheery little faces will brighten up the table.
And another project I had on the list was finished today too - I picked up this old bath during the council verge collection (this is where everyone chucks out their junk onto the verge, incase you don't have that in your town) and I have painted it and potted it up with herbs.
this is another item I picked up from verge collection - It too is going to get a makeover!!! I will show you this when it is done :0)

The Hard Case :0)

Today is the day that I am going to show you that old case I pictured 11 days ago...You know the one that I was going to make fabulous. Well it is nearly done so later today there will be pictures...Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lucky Day...

During the month of October I participated in Blogtoberfest and I discovered lots of lovely new blogs to read and entered in many wonderful giveaways. One of which was from the blog
I SPEAK MELSH by Mel, and I was lucky enough to be a runner up prize winner. Well today I got my wonderful prize and she has really excelled herself as I have been spoilt with lovely cards, notebook, craft papers, charm and chocolate!!! And it has come all the way across the globe from the UK. Thankyou so much Mel and it couldn't have come at a better time because........................

I have a project in mind!! Today I set out with the hopes of finding myself an old case that I could use to take to market to display my rag dolls in. And can you believe my luck, the very first op shop that I went to I spied it on the top shelf down the back corner, and it was just what I was looking for!!!! Sold... It doesn't look much now, but I plan to work some magic on it and decoupage it until it looks awesome. Mels papers are going to come in handy for this project.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice start to the week

GREEN DUST by MooBeeTees

a treasury that I made full of Aussies

I have been included in some lovely treasuries this week by some of my Dust Aussie Etsy Friends

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Raggy Doll

What have I been making? Well this little girl and a few of her friends will be coming with me to my next Market. Don't be fooled by her sweet little face as she is mischief in the making - I am sure lots of little girls will love to have her as a partner in crime. I have drawn up the pattern to her myself ,and there have been a few attempts to get her just how I wanted, but now I am happy with her :0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

T 4 2....and DUST Craft Swap

Now that the pressure of Blogtoberfest is off I haven't blogged for a few days - but keeping up with my Tuesday commitment to dust off a teapot , we are back on track with T42 Tuesday.

Last week I showed you a couple of storybook teapots - The pinocchio being one of my favourites, and I also said how I really wanted to add some more storybook ones to my collection....Well, look what turned up in the post today!

The Alice In Wonderland Sadler Teapot from the Storybook Collection
The detail in these pots are just fabulous - look at the little teapot painted on the spout
And on top , another little teapot sitting on a book - it is just so cute

Now , that is not all that turned up in the post today - I participated in the DUST craft-swap again last month , this is my fourth one and I have had such fantastic swap partners.
This time I was partnered with Pia from Giantshoots and she sent me two of her tote bags which have been screenprinted with her own designs.

SHOPPING BY NUMBERS is functional and helpful when you shop, as it lists all the common preservatives in your food by number and the problems that they can cause to your health - Great Idea Pia - Thanks :0)


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