Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cruise time.....

Our town has seen quite a few Cruise Ships come into Port over the last month - And my girls and I never tire of going up to the hill and watching the boats leave . It is such an awesome sight as they pass through the channel and the top of the boat is higher than the hill either side. We wave them off on their journey and the ship gives a big toot as it leaves. This one below was in town yesterday.
Just gone through the channel out into the big wide sea
Looking down onto our town from the lookout on our hill
Our wonderful harbour and the gigantic cruise ship

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  1. As a child my little sister used to love to go park at the end of the runway in our town to "see people get off plane".

    Living in Melb we occasionally see cruise ships that look as tall as the high rise apartments in Port Melbourne, isn't it amazing how those giant ships even stay afloat!


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