Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hard Case Part 2 - Upcycling!! See what I have done

Well , I have had a successful day in finishing off a few things - so first of all here is the Old Case that I have been giving a makeover. It is so much cooler now! I have just given it a coat of gold on the inside which is still drying so I couldn't get too many more pics.

I also finished off sanding my backlog of bangles and rings - I might list them after my next market - but if you see something there you like let me know and I can list it in store for you.
And while I was waiting for my last lot of resin to be delivered which was on back order , I had some spare time...... So I made up a dolly pattern and created these little raggy dolls to go to market with me. Their cheery little faces will brighten up the table.
And another project I had on the list was finished today too - I picked up this old bath during the council verge collection (this is where everyone chucks out their junk onto the verge, incase you don't have that in your town) and I have painted it and potted it up with herbs.
this is another item I picked up from verge collection - It too is going to get a makeover!!! I will show you this when it is done :0)


  1. I love the bathtub! Great colours :)

  2. Hi Del,
    A blog award for a great blog.

  3. Ohhhh I'd love to buy that wooden case from you just as it is! It's exactly like the ones I have that my Dad made. Someone's Dad made that by the look of it so please be gentle with it ... OHhhhh Sorry about my sentimentality ... be gentle to that case won't you ;)

  4. Haaaaaaaaaa go for that case with avengeance ;) can't wait to see what you do ;) Thanks for your sense of humour ;)

  5. Wow - you've got alot going on there! Love the suitcase, and thanks for leaving me a comment!

  6. I so love that old case! I've been going to do something like to one of day, some day! Maybe using road maps and things to do with travel. It looks brilliant!
    You have been busy though hey?
    Thanks for the visit and leaving your lovely comment. :^)


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