Tuesday, November 3, 2009

T 4 2....and DUST Craft Swap

Now that the pressure of Blogtoberfest is off I haven't blogged for a few days - but keeping up with my Tuesday commitment to dust off a teapot , we are back on track with T42 Tuesday.

Last week I showed you a couple of storybook teapots - The pinocchio being one of my favourites, and I also said how I really wanted to add some more storybook ones to my collection....Well, look what turned up in the post today!

The Alice In Wonderland Sadler Teapot from the Storybook Collection
The detail in these pots are just fabulous - look at the little teapot painted on the spout
And on top , another little teapot sitting on a book - it is just so cute

Now , that is not all that turned up in the post today - I participated in the DUST craft-swap again last month , this is my fourth one and I have had such fantastic swap partners.
This time I was partnered with Pia from Giantshoots and she sent me two of her tote bags which have been screenprinted with her own designs.

SHOPPING BY NUMBERS is functional and helpful when you shop, as it lists all the common preservatives in your food by number and the problems that they can cause to your health - Great Idea Pia - Thanks :0)


  1. Nice swap gift Del! And such an awesome idea. My youngest has major food intolerance issues and this bag is stylish and functional.

  2. Cute teapot, full of surprises, I thought the teapot on the spout was a clown but it didn't really make sense, now I see the teapot on the teapot - very Alice.


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