Thursday, December 1, 2011


He is the latest addition to my fun range of character hats.
Now in store and ready for all the Sesame Street Fans.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monkey gone Crackers

The cheeky little Sock Monkey has got into the festive mood - All jazzed up in his christmas colours and he has gone a little "nut-crackers".  Do you know someone a little bit cheeky that would look cute in one of these.


Take a look in store to find these cheeky monkeys and many more

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DUST craft swap

Now that Kylies craft swap parcel has safely arrived 
and been opened I can show you what I made for her
A pair of "My comfy Mary-Janes" in her favourite colours of purple and apple green
A mini Christmas Bunting to decorate her home or creative space
A set of crochet cotton face scrubbies
A crochet heart brooch to pin wherever she needs some love

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Handmade Christmas

With less than two months to go until Christmas, the countdown is on.  There is always so much to do, but I quite like to keep it simple.  I also think that Christmas is one of those times that people spend way to much money and don't think enough about the gifts they are buying.  I am going to be supporting the handmade community and as much as possible choose unique, fabulous, handmade gifts.

There is a Facebook Page called
features lots of wonderful items daily to choose from.  But don't leave it too late as handmade takes time .

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The wonderful Australia Etsy Team called DUST has a craft swap every second month.  It is such a great way to meet new members and for us to swap our crafts.  Recently our team suffered a huge loss when our much loved Team Leader and Craft Swap Organiser Julie-ann was tragically killed in a plane crash with her daughter Jacinda.  This is the first swap we have done since loosing her but we wanted to carry it on in her honour.

I was partnered with Kylie from Hippie House Dolls.  I have loved her work for a long time and am in awe of the exquisite dolls she creates.  

Now this was Kylies first craft swap and I think she spoilt me a lot - 
Her gifts were just so special.

Firstly let me introduce you to DUSTY-ANN
I don't think I can begin to describe the detail in this very special doll.  She was named in honour of Julie-Ann and has her own little birth certificate.
Strawberry Pink Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Green Frock with Lace trim, Funky Heart pattern pants,  Exquisite felt embroidered Mary-jane shoes and polka dot underpants.  
The work in this doll is amazing.
Now as if that wasn't enough, Kylie has made two smaller dolls for my daughters.
They are 100% wool felt, stuffed with wool and have banana fibre hair, which is just so textured and shiny.  Their little dresses have embroidered flowers and they even have little underpants too.
My girls just adore them and have named them
 Lilly-ann and Sally-ann

 Dusty-Ann also has a change of clothes

Kylie's talents are seemingly never ending as when she found out that it was my birthday on the 15th she also made me Birthday Teddy Bear!!  How amazing is he.

All these very special items will be treasured forever and thank you very much for your very generous and thoughtful craft swap gifts Kylie.

You can find Kylie and her amazing dolls at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Summer is nearly here...treat your feet.

Check out these -
100% cotton, 100% gorgeous, 100% must have this summer

Where do I get some, I hear you say! Well pop on over to DELiciousDesignz to grab yourself a pair.

JUNK LOVE... I know it has been a while.

I was feeling really bad that I hadn't done the "regular" Wednesday Junk Love post. But I just had a look through the list of our other Junk Love bloggers and it seems they have been just as slack.

My "Junk Loving" friends would all know how exciting it is when your suburb has "bulk verge waste collection". It is just amazing the things that people will throw away.

Needless to say , we are in the middle of a bulk waste pick up and on the weekend I stopped to pick up an old suitcase and found some other treasures on the pile too.

Funky Green Everlite huge case that first caught my eye.
An Imperial 200 portable typewriter, in it's case, in fabulous condition and get this....has it's original instruction booklet!!
A Hawkins Quicker Pressure Cooker Pot, in perfect condition for it's age and......also had it's original instruction booklet with recipes and warranty card inside. We cooked up some of our homegrown potatoes to try it out - it works!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

and that is another birthday gone...

Yesterday was my birthday!
I got lots of lovely cards.

Mum made me this
spectacular cake which was as yummy as it looks.
An awesome Heart teapot from hubby as well as the lazy susan it is sitting on , made by him .
One of my dearest friends gave me the most beautifully perfumed rose plant "angel face".

Coupons from the kids including a "free carwash", which I cashed in as it was only valid for my birthday.

Mum in law made a stunning quilt which I am yet to take photos of...stay tuned.

Plus I went out for lunch with the family - so all in all a fabulous birthday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One YeaR ON and I stick by this list.

I just found the Wishlist I made last year for my birthday. And I still love everything on it. And I still don't own anything on it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's My Birthday Month

It is that time of year. My Birthday Month!! Honestly this year has just whizzed by. There has been a lot happening , good and bad , and my blogging has certainly taken a back seat.

This is our doggy!! Today he went to the vet and is feeling a little bit sore. The girls picked out a nice Purple bandage for his foot. "If dogs could talk".

There have been markets, and thankfully nice weather.

It is now school holidays so the family and I are packing up the camper and getting away for a few days.

Chat to you all when we get back all refreshed ready to tackle the final term and the Silly Season.

Oh, and I may have bought myself an early birthday pressie, or two. If you haven't checked out the awesomeness that is LYPTIS then do it, and tell Fran I sent you...I am pushing for referral points LOL...she knows I am only joking.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christmas!! Really, it can' t be.

Well it will sneak up on us , so this year I am going to be ready for it. I have started on some Christmas creations, which are in store now CLICK HERE

So this year why don't you
Deck your home with Handmade Bunting,
Tra-la-la. Tra-la-la, La la la.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The little Artists on the loose

The girls had so much fun painting today.
They started with a canvas and ended up painting the inside and outside of the tree house.


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