Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The wonderful Australia Etsy Team called DUST has a craft swap every second month.  It is such a great way to meet new members and for us to swap our crafts.  Recently our team suffered a huge loss when our much loved Team Leader and Craft Swap Organiser Julie-ann was tragically killed in a plane crash with her daughter Jacinda.  This is the first swap we have done since loosing her but we wanted to carry it on in her honour.

I was partnered with Kylie from Hippie House Dolls.  I have loved her work for a long time and am in awe of the exquisite dolls she creates.  

Now this was Kylies first craft swap and I think she spoilt me a lot - 
Her gifts were just so special.

Firstly let me introduce you to DUSTY-ANN
I don't think I can begin to describe the detail in this very special doll.  She was named in honour of Julie-Ann and has her own little birth certificate.
Strawberry Pink Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Green Frock with Lace trim, Funky Heart pattern pants,  Exquisite felt embroidered Mary-jane shoes and polka dot underpants.  
The work in this doll is amazing.
Now as if that wasn't enough, Kylie has made two smaller dolls for my daughters.
They are 100% wool felt, stuffed with wool and have banana fibre hair, which is just so textured and shiny.  Their little dresses have embroidered flowers and they even have little underpants too.
My girls just adore them and have named them
 Lilly-ann and Sally-ann

 Dusty-Ann also has a change of clothes

Kylie's talents are seemingly never ending as when she found out that it was my birthday on the 15th she also made me Birthday Teddy Bear!!  How amazing is he.

All these very special items will be treasured forever and thank you very much for your very generous and thoughtful craft swap gifts Kylie.

You can find Kylie and her amazing dolls at


  1. She's so lovely! I have one of Kylie's dolls, so I know how lovely they are!
    And the little dolls for your girls are amazing!

  2. they are fabulous! and the little dolls are especially sweet.
    You are lucky, Del : )


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