Monday, November 23, 2009

My Place & Yours - My collection

This week I am participating in the My Place & Yours from Meet Me at Mikes Blog.. Find all the details about it HERE... This weeks theme chosen by Kate @ Fox's Lane was -
My Collection..
Well for those of you that already follow my blog you would know that it just had to be Teapots!!! So I am going to show you some of my collection, but if you haven't been following then just search up teapots on my blog and you will see some more of the collection so far.

There are 77 people blogging about their collections this week !! Hopefully I get a chance to visit them all. So far I have seen collections of Red, Cases, Books, Chenille, Old Games...just to name a few.


  1. Your Teapots are just wonderful. Obviously I didn't get all the good china! Thanks for visiting my collections x

  2. Wow, that's awesome!! I have 3 tea pots so far, but I am now totally inspired to find some more! :)

  3. That toaster one is very cute. I often see a teapot in an op shop and think of you...if only postage was free!

  4. The toaster caught my eye too, lots of lovely teapots.

  5. Your teapots are adorable, what a lovely collection to have...thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. for visiting :) and love the teapots! I can't believe how many very unique designs you've found! They are delightful (and delicious, which is one of my favourite words) and I hope they get to pour tea at least once a year :)

  7. HI Del,
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. This is my first visit to your place and I am very very impressed with those tea pots (and the earrings about) and now i will stay and have a bit of a poke around and get to know you abit better!!

  8. What a unique collection of Teapots you have!!!Must confess, I went back to have a look at your older posts with the label teapots too! Truly unique finds :)


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