Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hidden treasures

Hidden away on a farm in Wellstead is a fabulous family museum filled with lots of old treasures. There is just so much to see

Happy Australia Day!


  1. What gorgeous treasures...I wish I was there, how exciting. I Love anything vintage.

  2. Wow, we love looking at old stuff like this!

  3. Wow this looks absolutely gorgeous.. much like heaven to me! Do you have the address for this place? :o

  4. It is at bremer bay . Western Australia. Right near to the caravan park. Well worth a look for anyone heading this way - you could easily pass by without knowing what hidden treasures were there.

  5. Oh, What a beautiful things you have collected here. I like it a lot. It is just amazing showroom. My grand father will get so happy by watching it... Thanks a lot.
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