Friday, March 5, 2010

Wacky Candelabra - I made it

After watching a DIY show recently, I found some inspiration and a wonderful idea on what to do with a chandelier, that I had bought at a garage sale years ago.

It has been adorned with teacups, teapot and hanging cutlery and is now residing on my front verandah (apparently it was too mad to be hung inside ).

So here you have it
The Mad Hatters Candelabra


  1. Del!! That is SO COOL!!!

    I feel inspired. Imagine if the cups/pots were glass ones... you could put little candles in those too... ooh.

    Lucky for my husband (and the survival of the various chandeliers in our house - which makes it sound like I live in a palace but I don't - they're all in stages of disrepair anyway) I am completely not a handy person!

  2. WOW Del that's gorgeous ... Love it ... fabbo!!!

  3. Oh my this is fabulous...I do love the pop of red it truly screams MAD HATTER....What a super fun piece.

    Filing this one away in my brain for when I do my "Alice" part of the garden :)

    Blessings Kelsie


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