Sunday, June 27, 2010

What have I been up to.

Well this week I have been finishing of my craft-swap items for Penny, who has a fabulous etsy shop PENNY FARROW DESIGNS where she sells handmade leather accessories. I can't show you photos of that though as it will spoil the surprise for Penny.

I have also been trying a few new crochet ideas
A little cupcake which you can open the top and store all kinds of little things in.
Hair clips
Safety Pins
Tooth for the Fairy
Little notes or wishes
Party Decoration
But as we know little girls have wonderful imaginations, so there are lots more things you could use your cupcake for.

Some fingerless Mittens for these chilly mornings

And I had the pleasure of meeting up with Liz a DUST team friend who has a store selling button jewellery (hundredsofbuttons). She is travelling around the lower end of Australia with her husband and another couple . Liz, Samara (Maddabling) and I got together for a lovely lunch. Samara got to see Liz one more time before she headed out of town, and she was very naughty and gave Samara and I some lovely button jewellery - You can see Samaras HERE.

And I found one of my Alice Spoon Pendants in this fabulous treasury


  1. What wonderful things you have been creating ! lovely treasury too - it was so great to catch up for lunch x

  2. Hi thanks for joining my blog :) I have done the same. ♥ your resin jewellery - I love resin too!


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