Friday, June 17, 2011

Out of the Blogosphere!!

Really, has it been that long since I sat down and wrote something, anything ? Guess it has. I must have just fallen out of the Blogosphere (if that is a word, let's just say it is) for a while, but here I am back again.

So what's been happening . It is coming into winter so I am thinking now must be my time! Time to make some sales, after all I have lots of nice things to keep you warm. I am struggling a bit with the whole "small fish - big pond" syndrome. It is hard to get noticed, really hard, but I will persevere . Maybe a new catchy name , or just a really freaking cute product that no one could possibly resist....

Hmmm, maybe something like this

(this one is a little big for her but I make all sizes baby to adult)

Ok so that has the kids sorted but what about the Mum's.
Well have a look at these.

Oh and one last thing - I am having a sale on Flag Bunting. All prices in store have been reduced.
9 Flags only $22
7 Flags only $18
Find them at Zibbet and Etsy Stores


  1. i love the owl hat. Too cute! I have posted it on my FP on FB here

    Julie - west oz

  2. Yeah, i suppose it is hard to get noticed. A lot of competition out there. You got some cute new products though and your new pictures are soo cute. You will persevere!

  3. Those hats are super cute..


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