Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the kitchen....

This afternoon I started my list of things to cook for hubbys upcoming birthday party on Saturday. So I mixed, rolled, chopped, baked..........

While waiting I took a few photos of the teapots in my kitchen - Breakfast Selection
And My Morning Tea Selection
Still Waiting
And here they are...Some of the 100 sausage rolls I made. phew...

The Zucchini is still waiting to be cooked...


  1. Wow, I love that espresso machine teapot! What are you going to do with that zucchini? Actually, is there any other option that the good old Zucchini Slice?

  2. I love the espresso teapot too!

  3. what a brillant group of teapots (what is the collective name for teapots?)
    Love the egg one.
    I have long desired a teapot collection, but dont have room with my chook collection!

  4. Nice bunch of teapots...particularly like the coffee one!

  5. Love the teapots! Want to come to the party! x0x0 PINK

  6. Not sure what the collective noun is - I did google it but couldn't find anything. I have about 100 teapots and luckily have window pelmets around the kitchen and dining windows to put them..


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