Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Market To Market to buy a.........

Well this week I am preparing madly for Mothers Day Markets. It is a pretty big Market in my town and there are so many wonderful handmade goodies to be found there. I am still new to the market scene so am trying to organise my stock to display well and come up with better ways to display in general - so if I am a little slack on blogging this week just picture me in a room somewhere trying to get it to all come together...
Any advice of how to display hair clips would be good, I have them on a card but not sure whether to just put them in a basket or what to do...


  1. Good Luck at the market. Hope it goes well. I have my hairclips on cards usually because the fabric gets a bit dirty with lots of hands touching, but I often see them loose in little bowls. Depends how many you have to display too I guess. I have seen them on those canvas type boards with elastic or string across them and the clips clipped on.

  2. brilliant Buttons by Lou Lou !
    i picture artists canvas frame with a simple hinged leg to prop it up for better viewing and maybe ribbons (?) attached across to clip clips onto ? :)

  3. good luck at the market! I hope you sell heaps.

  4. Thanks girls...just about to post a pic of what I have prepared.

  5. Del, just discovered you through Dust. Love your work. I live in Bunbury, but aiming to move to Denmark someday, soon I hope. I hope you had a great market, which one is it? I have only been to the farmers market where I ate the most amazing yabbie pie! I will try to get there next time in Albany.


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