Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas is Over..Wah...

But wasn't it so much fun - You know I think it was just actually a big excuse for us dust girls to go on a big shopping spree. I wanted to show you some of the things I bought but etsy is down for maintenance so will post pics later. Oh and my friend Maddo seems to have cleaned up in the promo giveaway thread...she won 5 times!!!! Lucky Duck...


  1. OH yes I agree, I had fun, the best bit was the shopping. I'll check back when you have some pics!

  2. Hiya - finally got access sorted. I was so extremely lucky in Dust Team Xmas in July !
    I managed to favourite every shop on the list, plus browse each store and pick out a fave item from each store to comment on ! Blog is looking fab btw dahlink ! DUST TEAM ROCKS - BUY AUSTRALIAN ! GO ETSY !

  3. Yeah, it was all such a great idea hey?!!
    And well done Maddo!!


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