Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dust Team Craft Swap -

This month I participated in my second craft-swap with the lovely Dust Team (Australian Etsy Sellers). I was lucky enough to be partnered with the wonderfully talented Julie Blanchette who has made for me the most amazing bag. It is just so Me! She has chosen some very fruity looking beach babe fabric which is so bright and fun....but wait what is that in the side pocket??

It is one of Julie's adorable hand dyed and felted pocket gnomes which she has embroidered my name on. She is just so special and I will treasure both of these items forever, thankyou so much Julie - my generous and talented swap partner and new friend.....

And yes, I have signed up for the next round of swaps - they are just so much fun.....

Don't forget to stop by Julies Etsy Shop


  1. So happy you loved your swap pressie. I' also looking forward to the next swap.


  2. Ummmmmmmm whoops - I don't know how I did tht with my link!


  3. Hi I found my way here via little chrissy.

    your blog is beautiful to view and read.

    best wishes

    ps... i'm going to add you to my blog link list ~ hope that's okay

  4. thanks for popping by ribbon - the more the merrier.

  5. Del... I was so lucky to see your new bag before Julie posted it to you!!!Hasn't she done a wonderful job on it! I love the fabric and the little guy hiding in that pocket was so cute!


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