Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dust Team Craft Swap - No 8

For the latest craft-swap for DUST (Australian Etsy Seller Team) I was partnered with Sophee from SMOG. She specialises in crochet, and as it is always me that gets all the goodies for craft-swap I thought this time my girls could have the fun. So Sophee asked me if they had any requests - When they came up with a Blue Monkey and a Purple Giraffe I wasn't sure how Sophee would go coming up with the goods. But she did an amazing job and needless to say the girls were ecstatic. Blue Monkey has gone to school today (smuggled into the bottom of the bag).

And she also included a cute pair of crochet cherry earrings for me.
Thanks Sophee xo


  1. So cute! Strange to see them in someone elses life! (I dont usually get follow up pics)

    You will have to squash out those cherries, thought they might get a bit battered in transit!

    I had a great time making them, I hope the girls like the colours! Not my usual choices but I think they turned out pretty well :)

  2. Oh they are all so cute, Love the Dust Team swap!

  3. too cute Del!! you're a lucky DUSTer!

    ~ Samone

  4. Those are so so cute! Im sure ur girls really liked them!:)


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