Monday, October 11, 2010

Rolled Hem....

When I took on the job of costume co-ordinator for our school musical production - Sheik, Rattle n Roll , I had no idea of what was ahead of me.
There are about 130 kids involved and we are on the count down to opening night.
20 days to go.
Along the way I have found new skills and refined old ones.
All in all it has been a great learning curve and I can't wait to see it all on stage.
Today I got the hang of roll hemming on an overlocker on these satin headscarves.


  1. WOW yikes what a task! Loving the title of the show ;) Good on you Mum, bet your brood is loving you doing this! That rolled hem refresher will come in mighty handy for something gorgeous ;) Hope it's all fun for YOU. xo.

  2. That's quite an undertaking! Hope it all goes well.


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