Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In need of inspiration - Market Stall

With the big school music production all done and dusted I need to focus on my 3 day market next week!! I am seriously behind with this but don't want my stall to look "thrown together".

The Dynamics have changed since my last market as I have lots more crochet work. I have funky hats and slippers but I don't want my stall to look "nanna-ish"!!!

So today I plan to sit down and draw how I would like it to look and then try to action this plan.
I think for a start I need to find a hat stand!!
Also I need some way to hang up my banner, as it is an indoor market so no canopy.
I need to learn how to make use of small spaces!

But most of all


  1. Del, doing the same thing today. Market on Sunday and never completely satisfied with my layout! I love browsing "show us your booth" on Flickr groups. So many lovely booths there!

  2. Thanks Melinda, will check that out.


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