Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Junk Love - I am back!!!

My little" junk love club" may think that I have deserted them, but don't fear - I have been still loving junk.
At the moment it is verge junk collection in our town ,and to most people it just looks like junk, but not to me!! I love picking things up that people have no use for.

This box of old glass light fittings just might get a make-over for Christmas. I think with a candle inside and some decoration they will look great on the outside table!
I also picked up an assortment of wire stands, I am guessing they were plant stands but I have other ideas!
This one is nice and solid and has 3 baskets. It was covered in cracked white plastic but I blasted that off with a high pressure water cleaner and today gave it a coat of black spray paint.
So the rusty old verge junk is now my brand new market display! I am still thinking of an idea to line the baskets with, but perhaps just some black fabric.

And this stand has been made from the base of an old stool or tall table - it was pretty shabby. So I unscrewed the top and painted it black , then got some ply wood to make shelves.
I am in the process of doing a mock set up of my market for next week to see how these display ideas will look.


  1. Wow, Del, the ultimate in upcycling. I am impressed with your creativity there. I really like the light fittings. I thought for a moment you had some carnival glass!

  2. Wow you scored! I got nothing from hard rubbish this year... very disappointing after last year's haul.


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