Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrifty THURSDAY..No 2

Here we go with my second week of THRIFTY THURSDAY...There are so many wonderful things being made from items most people just throw - So if you have found something worthy of being featured join me in my thrifty thursdays

Here we have an item from RETROGRANDMA (I love her stuff). Beatles Abbey Road Record Handbag!!! They are made from the original album covers which has a protective clear covering .

Hows this for a thrifty idea - This clock has been made from an old cereal box!!! It would look very kitch in the kitchen. Find it at AlienBacons etsy shop.
Reusefirst has made this card from discarded paper scraps and old housepaint - They have been silk-screened and I think look very cool and very Thrifty indeed.
I found this clutch that has been made out of recycled photos!! Not sure how practical they are but they look pretty funky and definantly fit into the THRIFTY theme. You can find this and also wallets and handbags made the same way at raspberryconverse on etsy (of course)...

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  1. I'm enjoying your Thrifty Thursdays, so many great ideas!


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