Friday, May 22, 2009

Wow I have had a lucky week.

How is my luck this week, I can't believe it but.....
I WON Again.....

This stunning pendant made by Deborah at UniqueDichroic is all mine thanks to her recent blog giveaway. She makes the most gorgeous pendants - I am so lucky. And she lives in my part of the world too in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. I feel a little greedy now for winning two giveaways in one week, especially after saying that I never win anything - well maybe I do after all. Still I am not complaining. Woo hoooooo....


  1. Gee, I wish I had half your luck!

  2. Congrats on the winning streak. I remember that happening to me when I started entering blog giveaways. I was so excited.

  3. LOL... You are more than welcome ! hehehee... Enjoy:)
    Deborah :)


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