Thursday, December 24, 2009

Glimpse of Christmas - My present!!!

It's tomorrow!! It's tomorrow!!!! Can you Believe it???
Well I am happy because my very long awaited Rocker Recliner has finally arrived
Just in time for Christmas
I have been waiting over 4 months for it while my Hubby got his the day after we bought them.
You see I wasn't happy to have a black, brown, grey, beige...blah, blah, blah boring colour
I wanted a Red One!!!!
So in order to make it in my choice of colour
I had to Wait.
But the wait is over and here it is looking very Christmassy!!!

So this is where I am sitting right now typing this post and ahhhhh it is so comfy.
Merry Christmas Everyone and thanks for your comments and support over this past year.
Love Del xo


  1. It's fab - just in time for Christmas - and worth waiting for :-)

    Have a great Christmas x

  2.'s like that chair from the Goldie Hawn movie could live in it!

  3. I just wrote a comment and the page disappeared and it was such a nice comment!! Great chair... *waving at you on your lap top* hehe...

    xo Steph

  4. ps... loving your resin creations!! 100's and 1000 all the way!!!

    xo Steph


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