Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year, New Ideas and Parties...

Creative ideas evolve from the most unlikely places.
This one has come about from my daughters upcoming birthday party.
The theme has been set....Circus!!! and from there the ideas flowed.
Party flag bunting is a great way to set the mood for all sorts of occasions - and this is no exception.
With the red and white theme colours in mind I created about 20metres of bunting to be strung around the backyard.

Pom-poms have been glued to the party hats
Popcorn containers are ready
But the thing is , I had so much fun making the flag bunting that I decided to do some more.
And I have more flags ready, and fabric that would look fabulous hanging in bedrooms, party rooms, playrooms.....so you see, I think this might just be my new passion - there is always room for one more!
Look out for Flag Bunting in store.....


  1. Del, this looks like it will be a fun party. Points for originality!

  2. Congrats Del - the kids are going to have an absolute ball with this ! What a fun theme - the bunting looks particularly special too xox


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