Tuesday, August 4, 2009

T 4 2 - tuesday

Here we are again - It is Tuesday and time time for
T 4 2....
My little magic genie has joined us today to grant me 2 wishes!!! WHAT only 2...doesn't it say in the book that the genie always gives you 3 wishes...Oh well better not complain too loudly or he might go into hiding......Ok so 2 wishes it is......

First Wish - Lots more lovely handmade etsy pressies in the mailbox from our early christmas
And Secondly - lots more of these lovely spring days that we have been getting spoilt with for the last week......


and springtime flowers.......

See I really only needed 2 wishes after-all


  1. The strawberries one reminds me of cups of tea with my Grandma. Lovely.

  2. the genie is so wacky! I like the strawberry one.

  3. I'm in awe of your collection. Lots of fun to look at. Thanks!

  4. Always Love ur teapot posts, they are addictive!:D

    Lovely collectables, now just one question, what exactly is that second teapot supposed to be? I checked it like 3 times from all different angles but cant figure it out!

  5. Ah , I have you intrigued Fran - that one is one of a series of Christmas Portmeirion teapots. The bottom part is a christmas box and the top is a wrapped teapot...

  6. I love the butterfly one and lovely spring days!

  7. what a gorgeous collection! I adore teapots

  8. Oh wow, that butterfly teapot, and the strawberry one - they're both SO gorgeous! I'm jealous!! :)


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