Monday, August 31, 2009

Suds it Up

Well I was thinking I would like something a little different to brighten up the bathroom and to put my lovely soaps on. So this is what I made - a resin soap dish .
This one is an ocean theme - lots of shells, some pearls, a chain and gold button and a little fish swimming in the middle - pearly white and blue coloured .

And this one is a little more vintage or glam. A peacock feather sits behind pearls , beads and buttons

I would love to hear your thoughts on these -
If you think I should put some in store -
How much you would pay and any ideas on other themes or
What you would like in your soap dish.


  1. Pretty! These soap dishes are soooo cool. And that ring you listed, I just would not be able to resist nibbling on it!

  2. Yes definitely list some I think...particularly like the one without glitter (you know me!)...and put your brand name in them like the bangles...your snowwhite ring is starrin over at my place!

  3. Great idea. I can see this idea taking off.

  4. They are just gorgeous, would love to see them in your shop (we're in the market for a new soap dish since I broke our old one... these look like they would be more resistant if I drop them on the tiles).

    Not sure re pricing - I guess it depends on how much they cost you to make... try listing some and see how they go!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I will hopefully be ready to list a couple next week and I will see how they go. To buy a commercially made plain dish you are looking at around $15 - $20 so I am thinking in order to cover cost and time these would be closer to $35.
    The peacock feather one has found it's way into my bathroom.


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