Tuesday, August 18, 2009

t 4 2 - tuesday

OMG - it's Tuesday already.
Well it just so happens that I don't have to dust today because during this last week my Dust-Team Craftswap item arrived from my partner Chrisy from Artdecadence. I had seen in her shop that she had some decals on ceramics and that she had done a teapot before , so I sent her a special request and Ta Dah!!! She came through with it. What a fabulous surprise I got when it arrived - it is so amazing and one I will cherish forever. Thanks Chrisy xo

Alice In Wonderland - themed teapot. Ain't it just the sweetest.


  1. That is just so lovely! I love everything Alice and a teapot is just perfect!

  2. Hey honey...hope the week's goin okay...very droll here with everybody unwell...

  3. Oh my God, this one is lovely!

    Chrisy has done a great job on that one!
    So is it like a sticker, does it come off when u wash it or is it burned in?

    And how many teapots have u got?;) Love those post and love seeing ur wonderful collection!

  4. Not really sure how she did it - think it is some kind of transfer that she has printed and then baked it on so doesn't wash off. And then she has used ceramic paints for the hearts...ain't it just the cutest.

    Oh and you will just have to stay tuned to see how many teapots I have...LOL


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