Tuesday, August 25, 2009

t 4 2 - tuesday

It is Time again to have some Tea and show you a few more of my pots.
Today it is cold and wet and I am dreaming of taking off somewhere where it is nice and sunny.

So I will fill up the car......
I know that that the three wheeler Reliant might not be the best choice, but hey we are soooo far from reality here that it doesn't matter.
Clean out the Fridge and pack up my lunchbox
Then load up the Caravan with all those lovely summer clothes
And we are off - All hitched up and ready to hit the road..
Sunshine here we come...
Come and Join me next week to see where my crazy teapot collection takes me. xo


  1. That caravan teapot is too funny, I love the curtain out the window. I feel like I need a holiday today, or some sleep at least.

  2. Love it love it! Where do you find these teapots, Del - they're so awesome!

    Hope some sunshine comes your way soon :)


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