Tuesday, September 1, 2009

t 4 2 - tuesday

Spring has sprung - the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping - all the signs that winter is hopefully behind us.
So on a lovely Spring Afternoon what sort of tea would I find you sipping on.

I am being tempted by all the lovely tea that is available in the etsy store of Joiedetea
If you are as mad on tea as I am on teapots then take a look at her delightful brews.

Now today I haven't gone with any real theme, I just a grabbed a few that I love and that caught my eye.
I love the design of this one and the bold pattern is very funky
This little beauty comes with it's own cosy
Ta- Dah! Open Wide - It is like a little UFO - I love it.
And this one - Just lovely in it's simplicity - Stainless Steel and Functional
It rests on the little stand that I bought last week (see this post)
I would love to hear what your favourite brews are.
Seeyou next week with some more teapots


  1. Ooh - I LOVE the little UFO-esque teapot, how cute! :)

    The teapot stand for the silver teapot is lovely too...

    Thanks for mentioning my teas - looking forward to packing up and sending off your sampler! Hope you enjoy the teas! :D

  2. Not very sophisticated but I love the English tea PG Tips - good and strong. You can get it at Coles in the awesome little British food section. Love your UFO teapot Del!

  3. That purple one is a beauty, love it!


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