Monday, September 14, 2009

So Far ,,,So good - come and join me

Ok, so if you haven't been over to Zibbet yet to take a peek then it's worth a look. You pay nothing to list your items and no sales fees!!! That's right - nothing to lose.
It is great to cross-promote your etsy store too as you can put an etsy mini on your site.
So even if you don't have much in store there is the link to etsy if that is your main shop.

This week they also improved on their already pretty good listing set-up (I find it much quicker than etsy) and you can now "copy listing" if you have similar items.
So if you are looking for another way to get exposure to your items then try Zibbet.
The basic account is Free and the Premium account is $7 a month but if you put in this coupon code FREETRIAL when signing up you can try out the premium account for free for 7 days, if you don't like it just drop back to basic account and sell for free....

Now , I don't want to overload you with info but just so you know , once you have signed up to Zibbet for each person you refer to the site you will get $1 off your monthly fee - So all it takes is 7 referrals and you have a free premium account.

And another good thing about Zibbet is that it is Australian . Started by 2 guys in Sydney, and they are quick to answer any problems you have .

So , go on, give it a go


  1. Hmm I just signed up, but didn't see any way to say that you referred me (so you can get your $1 discount)- hope i didn't miss something along the way... let me know if there's a way I can do that retrospectively...

  2. Oh, maybe I did it already by clicking on your link and then signing up - hope it worked at your end :)


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