Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maybe today it will be T 4 1....

I just love it when the posty arrives with something good for me. Today my tea samples from Verity arrived and they smell so good. As you can see I am all set up ready to try one out but it will have to wait a few more hours .

Today I have been for a walk, done 4 loads of washing due to their being a little bit of sickness last night with my youngest girl, and cast some resin bangles with a selection of new colours that I was busting to try out. I will show you how those turned out later in the week.

Beautifully wrapped and smelling divine.
So I really can't be bothered in dusting my teapots today - (slaps own wrist) so I have taken a photo of one of the pelmets that house some of my teapots - as you can see these are all of my blue ones

And here is just a sneak peak of the super warm ruffled edged quilt that I am making. It is draped over my chair at the moment and I am in the process of snipping the edges then I just need to bind it and wash it and I will be able to show you the finished product. I must make mention that this is a joint effort with my Mum and I - I don't think I would attempt a quilt this large by myself for my first attempt. It is going to look great when it is all done.
Oh, and the skull cap crochet beanie with flower is one that I made a few weeks ago. Gee I am super talented (pats self on the back)...he he...

thanks for joining me in T 4 2 - although I think these ones I will have to keep to myself - so this week it is
T 4 1.
mmmm, vanilla
mmmmmm, cinnamon


  1. Wow - you are multi-talented :D

    How exciting to see my teas in such beautiful teapot-filled surroundings... just perfect... I couldn't ask for more ;) I hope you have a lovely time trying them out when you have a spare peaceful moment!

  2. Verity is a friend of mine so I stopped by to take a look. I like that quilt. I wish I had some like that. Better than any blanket I could buy in a store. --Spirituality of Tea

  3. You certainly were busy! Hope you are enjoying your tea.
    Just letting you know you have won something on my blog. Please could you email me your address to buttonsbyloulou@yahoo.com.au. Thanks. Lou.


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