Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes it is Tuesday Again- T 4 2

Well I was tempted to skip T42 today as I have received lots of lovely things in the post this week that I wanted to show you - but thought I better dust a teapot today and then save the other goodies for tomorrow.
This one is such a funky shape - It has a square base and then pyramids up - It is so bold and bizarre - A very cool piece
Today I have also been busy finishing off some resin rings and have started to list a few

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  1. Hey there! It's adelle here! Sooo glad you found me! We adelles must stick together... hehehe...

    I LOVE your rings! I was given a dinosaur designs ring for my birthday however, I don't wear rings and so I returned it for a bangle but I WISH I could. Hmm.. I might have to start getting used to wearing them - they're so cool.

    Anyhoo.. keep in touch! I'm going to ad you to my fave blog list!

    adelle :)


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