Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is that the sound of the postie......brrrrmmmmm

Don't you just love the sound of the postie - Especially when there might be some wonderful etsy goodness in the bag . This week I received a

Finki Business Card Holder -
I already have one but this one was for my Mum (she loves it)

Also, a gorgeous retro button headband
from Lou @ Buttons by Lou Lou - I was lucky enough to win this one.

And this lovely handbag made by Michelle at MSHandbags
Pinned to it is a handfelted brooch made by Wilma at Empresswu which I was also lucky enough to win on her blog competition and she made the brooch in my colour choice.
So , as you can see, so far it has been a great week !!!


  1. Hi Del
    Thanks for posting photos of the felt brooch. I love it on your beautiful bag - lovely to see it as such a great embellishment
    Empress Wu Designs

  2. wow lucky you!!! so much lovely things, it is really nice to get parcels in the post! like your green ring turned up on my birthday eve and its lovely :o)

    ~ Samone


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