Friday, May 14, 2010

A giveaway for Tupperware Junkies...

The Shape-O

I do not believe that any of my readers would not own any tupperware. It is iconic, funky, practical solution to storage. Alot of us have way too much tupperware and hence are "tupperware junkies". If you are a tupperware junkie then you would know all too well about the "tupperslide"...this is infact a term I made up but you would have experienced it. Reaching into the cupboard to find a container, which is nestled among several others, you get hold of it and try to carefully bring it out, only to find that the rest of the tupperware has toppled over and done a big "tupperslide" onto the floor!!!! Ahhhh the joys of tupperware.
Well it just so happens that I am an ex-dealer of tupperware and have quite a few keychains and little gift items , which are excessive to my needs....sooooooooooo, I thought how about a giveaway.
If you would like to be in the running for a selection of keychains and mini items then leave me a comment below - if you have any tupperware stories I would love to hear them.
Extra entries for following on

I will do a random draw next Friday and if there are lots of entries then I will do 3 prizes.
Good luck xo


  1. ADELLE you make me laugh so hard... HAHAHAHA...
    I have to enter on the chance I might win a shape o but I use our happy chopper daily so maybe that one instead... I am still laughing!!

    I am following get spooned and del i cious designz on FB... which I didn't know about so I can do a big shout out hehe

    xo Steph

  2. He he Del, tupperslides and Tupperware junkies. My mum was a Tupperware junkie and she still has all her old tumblers and containers from the '70s and '80s, LOL.

    I LOVE the shape o keyring. My sister and I had one of those when we were small and we would try to shove the wrong block through the wrong shape just to see if it would fit (my sister is an engineer, that should explain it, ha ha).

  3. tupperware junkie here.

    jade has a shape-o keyring. its the second one I've given her. the first one was in her bag when her house was burgled and her bag was taken. so I had to get her a new one.
    the little freebies are the best things about tupperware!

  4. I'm following your blog too!

  5. My sister-in-law recently told me that she had just bought her first lot of Tupperware. I was horrified that she could have lived without it for so long! Definitely a must in our house :D

  6. I follow your blog & am a fan on FB :D

  7. well I was about to prove you wrong and say that I dont own any tupperware, not one piece, zippo... however I went to the cupboard and found a piece borrowed (stolen) from my Mum about 10 years ago, so there you go! I do own tupperware.

  8. REally Selina - I can't believe it!!! How do you manage?


    Is it too late?

  10. Super cool, I love those little things! Mom had some of these items when I was a kid!



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