Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Junk Lovers Club

Oh, I am little excited as I just discovered the Junk Lovers Club..
You know what they say though - One man (or womans) junk is anothers treasure. Well boy do I have some treasure around here!!
So this is my first JUNK LOVE Wednesday....and I am going to show you a Junk Creation.
My 8 year old daughter has lots of accessories, hair elastics, headbands, clips, hats, scarves, get the idea. So we made this on the weekend to hang all those bits and pieces in one neat place.
It is the Accessory Tree!!
Made from a tree branch out of our backyard and an old hanging basket which I spray painted.

So there you have it. If you want to see more Junk Love CLICK HERE.


  1. That is pure genius! Love it, and welcome to the club. I have added you to my list! Welcome welcome:)

  2. No freakin way!!!! DUDE!! LOL... You know what I'll be hunting down at he op shops now!! Great to have you joining in too.

    xo Steph

    ps I am not sure if the watch works as I think it needs a new battery. I must look into that!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement girls - happy to be part of the club

  4. thats so great! Its like art work!
    now to go over and check out your etsy goodies
    have a great week

  5. What a cool idea! It turned out great, so neat.


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