Thursday, May 27, 2010

Junk Love

So as promised yesterday, I am back with my Junk Love. I popped into the thrift shop after dropping off a bag of old clothes and this is what jumped into my hands.

This little guy just had one of those faces that once you have picked him up, you just couldn't leave him behind. He is handmade and has lots of gorgeous embroidery stitches all over and matches in well to my lounge room. He is really quiet and you would barely know he was there. Shhhhh.
Then I passed by this little dish - How could I resist ?
And lastly this silver basket is just perfect for putting all those little bits and pieces in next to my lounge chair. It was quite tarnished but I polished it up nicely.
And today in the post arrived the first edition on the Spoonful Zine - I am yet to read it, but it is something to look forward to later today.

I hope you have enjoyed my Junk Love this week. For more Junk Lovers visit HERE for a list of who is playing along.

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