Monday, March 28, 2011

I found my old blanket

Many years ago my gran taught me how to crochet. This skill was buried under the pile of day to day life for many years and I have only recently begun to take up the craft again. Now all those years ago this is what I made - I had actually forgotten all about it and then while searching in my old trunk there it was, sitting in the bottom. I would have been about 12 I think, when I made this - I can't believe it myself!! I have fallen in love with it all over again.

But wait, there is more. While digging around in that old trunk I found this wonderful knitted blanket. It was made and given to me by my husbands Nan not long before she passed away. I think it is time to give it an airing and so will leave it out on display on the couch .

Yay , for forgotten treasures.


  1. Yes definately Yay ! for forgotten treasures. Beautiful post Del x

  2. How fabulous! Love the knitted blanket pattern very groovy!

  3. Gorgeous! What great treasures to rediscover.


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