Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Kaz Cooke Quote

Today I am starting the first of many "Quick Kaz Cooke Quotes".
Let me explain . I have this little book. It is called "the little book of crap" and the intro to it reads as follows..........

Welcome to the the little book of crap. Culled from the thoughts of idiots and poncy wankers everywhere, these marvellous quotes and thoughts will not help you at all in your day-to-day life. No, they are simply crap, compiled meticulously from the cream of the crap, worldwide. The book was written by the well known craponagist, and custard wrestling commentator Kaz Cook and her colleague, the obscure medieval scholar and furry trout breeder, Simon Weaselpantz. As Shakespeare once said, "I only ever read books smaller than my own codpiece". Thankyou and Enjoy........

So the little book of crap has pages and pages of crap that I am going to share with page at a time. Because somedays there is just nothing to blog about!!!

Quote 1.
Be not estranged from your booty, lest you need to shake it.

And so it appears that when I take a photo with the web cam it comes out that is crap.

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