Wednesday, March 30, 2011

T 4 2 - tuesday ...oops a little late.

Seems that it is now Wednesday, how did that happen?
So what do I have to show you today for T42.
Well this morning I was given a couple of lovely matching teapots from my dear gran, as well as some cosies she no longer needs.

Oops, it appears as though my collection has grown a little bit more!!

And how cute is this elephant tea cozy.
Hot orange and brown - oh so retro. I love it.
And this adorable little checkered tea cozy...
Thanks Gran. She knows that I will take good care of these.


  1. How adorable...Chuck the kettle on I will be there in a few minutes to help you welcome them to their new home...(I wish)

  2. Nice. Seems like your collection grows by itself.. Great elephant cozy, just your style.


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