Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Handmade Birthday Gifts

Handmade gifts are just the best. They are something to treasure and are made especially for you. Here are some handmade gifts given to my daughter for her 9th Birthday.
Snoopy pencil case and coin purse by Ms Piggii on etsy
Rose Fairy Quilted Wall Hanging and cushions
made by her Nan

And some birthday flag bunting made by me.


  1. Aww.. I'm so glad she loved the Snoopy pencil case and coin purse. Your bunting and the fairy rose items are so gorgeous! I've been meaning to make new cushions for my couch but never get round to actually doing it. The fairy fabric is so pretty and feminine. Off to Etsy to look for pretty fabric! Your blog pictures have inspired me =)

  2. Nice stuff! The snoopy pencil case is just too cute. Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday.

  3. Handamde gifts are the best! I love the snoopy pencil case, I remember my daughter went through a snoopy phase too..........but wait so did I!

    congratulations! I am bestowing on you the Awesome blog award.
    You can read about it here -


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