Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blogtober - Junk Love

It's JUNK LOVE Wednesday!! 
 If you are not aware of what this is all about then it is simply a little club of people who love to transform junk into all things fabulous.  It is a great place to get ideas, be inspired and show off what you have done.  If you want to join in on the Junk Loving then 

So what I am working on this week is transforming a really old bicycle into some garden art.
I am sure you have all seen how funky it looks when they get painted up and potted up with a basket full of flowers.

This is what I am starting with, although I had already given it a good wash down at this stage.

I have actually started to paint ,but soon discovered I was going to need more than one can of spray paint.  It is now too windy for me to finish it off so the colour and big reveal will happen on Junk Love next Wednesday.

I hope many more of you will join in on the fun of Junk Love.  If you want to see what other Junk Love projects I have done


  1. What a great idea, love the whole concept of upcycling. I am often so impressed with those that make something 'new' out of junk. I have a few items at home which I have been meaning to do this with so will try and join in next week. Good to find you through Blogtoberfest. G

  2. Thanks for stopping by Georgy. Will be great if you can join in on Junk Love next week.


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