Tuesday, October 9, 2012

T42 - Tuesday - The perfect cup of tea

It really has been way too long since I have done a T42  Tuesday.  And yes the teapots are getting dusty and in need of some attention.  I have been going back through my old T42 posts to see which teapots I have already shown you so that I don't double up, but it is quite a task.  On my search I found this one, which was on my birthday wish list for last year!!! I still really, really, love this one.  My love of retro radios, yarn and crafts, tea and biscuits and teapots are all represented.  

How to Make the Perfect Brew

  1. To make the best tasting tea, you will need a kettle in which to boil the water, and a teapot in which to brew the tea.
  2. Fill a kettle with fresh water of any temperature, and put it on to boil. Do not reboil water, as the air has been boiled out and the water will be flat.
  3. Toaster Teapot
  4. While the water in the kettle is heating, fill your teapot with hot water to preheat the pot. This will help keep the water hot for a longer time when added from the kettle for brewing tea. When the water in the kettle begins to boil, pour the water out of the teapot.
  5. Add your favourite tea to the teapot. If you are using loose tea, add one more teaspoon for each cup and another for the pot. If you are using teabags, keep in mind that most teabags will make two cups, so add bags according to the numbers of cups your pot holds. For example, a standard six cup pot would take three teabags. If you like your tea very strong, add another teabag.
  6. Bring the teapot to the kettle so the water will be boiling when added to the pot. Place the lid on the teapot, and steep from three to five minutes. Teabags brew much more quickly than loose tea, so two minutes may be long enough if you prefer a lighter tea.
  7. Pour out the tea, and add sugar, lemon, or milk as desired. Low calorie sweeteners also work well in tea, but try sparingly until you find the right taste. Pour tea made with loose leaves through a strainer.
  8. Refill the pot from the kettle for more cups of tea. Remove teabags or loose tea after the second brewing; do not leave the tea leaves in the pot, or the tea may become too strong and bitter.
  9. After refilling the teapot, you may want to use a tea cosy to keep the tea hot for second and third cups.
Taken from "Teapots: The Collector's Guide" by Tina M. Carter

Sit back and enjoy your cuppa
Next week , I will resume my dusting!! Promise


  1. That is an amazing teapot!
    and love the tea making instructions. Real tea affitionados strain the tea after 3 to 5 minutes so that it is just perfectly brewed and not stewed! I just leave mine to sit for ever!

  2. I'm so laughing, Not at You, at the fact that there's 8 darn steps to make a pot of tea when it used to be the easiest, simplest, one for each person one for the pot, thing to do.
    Your post is a shining example of how the simple things of life have been either lost or become so complicated ... phew!!!
    Lately I feel so glad I'm not having babies in this day and age with the choices, inventions and opinions facing young Mum's. It's so darn complicated and I'm going to add making a cuppa to that list too.
    Tea used to be just tea but now, when you look at the types of tea and all that goes with it (like whole stores selling only tea) ... golly it's exhausting isn't it?
    Thanks for taking the time to do such a thought provoking post ;~)


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