Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rock-tober Party

Firstly, Sorry for slipping a little this week with my Blogtober Challenge.  I have taken on the photo challenge as well as blogging challenge, and must say I am just not disciplined enough .  

Last night hubby and I went to a good friends 40th birthday party.  The theme was Rock Gods, Groupies and Roadies, which left it pretty wide open to interpretation .  At the party you could spot, Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner, Gene Simmons, Jake Blues, Chrissi Amphlet, Stevie Nicks, Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Boss and lots of rock groupies .....It made for a fun night.

So I was a little undecided as to who to go as.  Blondie was an option but as I kept adding things to my outfit I just decided I was a Rock Groupie (A pretty scary one though, could barely look at myself in the mirror)

My good friend Samara of Maddabling fame, came over to do some dramatic eye make-up and finish off my hair chalking (pause for a moment).......

Hair Chalking -  Have you heard of this?  If not, it is so cool.  I bought some recently for my girls as an easy way to add a bit of colour and it really is pretty fun. 

These are some of the awesome effects you can get

 Back on topic....... So this is how my hair was progressing

And the make-up!
Well earlier in the month I posted a birthday wish list which included this eyeshadow combo from Rhasdala - well I bought it!  And it came in handy.

So the look...

Me and JAKE Blues

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  1. you rocked it! I knew you would - it was so much fun playing with all the colours, thank you for placing so much trust in me with your hair and eye makeup xox


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