Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Junk Love - Blogtober

Calling all JUNK LOVERS!  Are you the kind of person who doesn 't see junk, but sees something just waiting to be transformed then show us what you have done.  The JUNK LOVE CLUB has gone pretty quiet over the last few months and I didn't want to see it disappear.  So with permission from Emma who began the club , I have now taken it on and looking for members.  
Each Wednesday we come together to show each other what we have found, made, completed....and just share the Junk Love.

If this sounds like you then simply grab the JUNK LOVE picture, put it on your blog and link it back to here.  Then send me a message so I can add you to the list.  Easy!

Ok, now to show you part 2 of my bicycle garden art project - If you missed the first part then you can catch up HERE

 Did you guess the right colour - It had to be Pink, didn't it.
 Now at first i was going to remove the baby seat but then on second thought decided that it would be a pretty handy spot to put some plants.  It doesn't look fabulous just yet, but when those lavenders grow up and are in full pink/purple bloom it will.
 An old wire hanging basket (which has actually been used as a fairy mobile before this , but had run it's course) it attached to the handlebars and lined with paperbark.  Potted up with daisies, lavender, geraniums to name a few, it is going to be a gorgeous splash of colour soon.
 And here it sits, against the fence amongst the rose bushes.  I love it.

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