Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 1 - The House

It's October!!! Yes I kid you not. This month I am aiming to post something on my blog everyday as part of BLOGTOBERFEST. There are lots of giveaways happening as part of the festivities, take a look HERE for the list.

So I will start the month off with some lovely spring irises in my garden as they are much prettier than what is happening inside...
Welcome to my House - It is currently under renovation - yesterday the front entrance and passage had the carpet removed and the floors sanded - today the sealant will go on - tomorrow....well we may start on the bedroom
They actually look alot better in the photo than real life -

Don't worry my whole month of blogging is not going to be about the house - tomorrow I will show you my latest creations.


  1. It's fun to lokk at someone else's house.
    The floor looks great, it's so nice to be rid of carpet isnt it?

  2. Don't worry about posting too many reno photos...we love them!

  3. The irises are so beautiful

  4. Ooh wooden floorboards, lucky!


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