Saturday, October 10, 2009

blogtoberfest Day 10- What is becoming of me??

I make jewellery - Right?? So what is this latest obsession to try and sew...hmmm. The thing is that the weather has been too cold for resin casting and with the school holidays it is also a bit hard to get all the icky , gooey, smelly resin stuff out (NOTE : resin and kids do not mix). So if you have been following my blog you would have seen that I made a Sock Monkey earlier in the week, and it was fun. Then I read about the Softies for Mirabel Charity Project which you can read all about on Meet me at Mikes Blog and I thought that it would be something I might like to have a go at. So I searched for a SIMPLE pattern and found this rabbit - there are easy to follow instructions and pictures if you want to try one for yourself - Pattern Here

So here he is - Little Bunny Foo Foo....

You know that when you make something you really shouldn't show the pic of what it is supposed to look like - especially when you cook ....But I think little bunny foo foo looks enough like the picture to be able to show you...

I learnt a few things from my first attempt which I can improve on next time , but overall pretty happy with him.


  1. I think as a first attempt, that looks fantastic. That'd prolly look more like my 20th attempt if I did try. Good job!

  2. Bunny Foo Foo looks awesome, well done!! :D


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