Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 25- Handmade around our Home

I have followed the lead of Lisa over at
with a little post called Handmade around our home - Basically find something in your home that has been handmade and share it with the readers. Well as there is soooooo much in our house that is handmade I had no problem in finding something, infact I had didn't know what to choose.

So firstly here are some canvas's that hang in our loungeroom that I painted - just a little bit of abstract colour

A sweet fabric teddy bear that hangs in our house made by my Mum
Home Sweet Home
And our magnificent Jarrah bed made by my Husband - It has wonderful big Jarrah Slab ends and chunky post legs.
The only thing is that I can never tell him off for not making the bed anymore!!!!
Oh and not forgetting the Black and White cushions on the bed made by Rachelle @ Miahenry


  1. What a lovely variety of handmade goodies.
    I love the bed, so cool that your husband made it.

  2. I love that bed! Congrats, I just did the giveaway draw on my blog and you won the little blue Curvy Clutch! Could you email me your address to lcbella at hotmail dot com and I'll get it sent off to you.

  3. Oh thanks Del, the cushions look great. Awesome bed!


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