Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 23- Weekend Deals..It's time to shop

If you are looking to do some early Christmas shopping then put aside a few hours this weekend to check out the
Australian Etsy Sellers from the DUST team that are having some great
I am offering 10% storewide


  1. Hi! I keep meaning to post you in my blogroll but keep getting busy! Thanks for visiting my blog all the time!

    That latest blue dress isn't stretchy, it's just flowy, and roomy, and you can wear it with a belt if you want it tighter. I was like 'How can it be true, NO zips?' but it slipped easy on my darling Diana. I might just use it as a house dress cause of the stuff up at the back.

    As for most of my frocks, I'm either making them for someone in mind, or it's a random frock, and someone likes them, I'll list them on etsy. I keep on imagining I'll have a big market stall one day... not sure!

  2. Hey girl...hope you have a lovely weekend and than have to spend hours and hours on Monday morning packing all the jewels that you've sold!


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